Droodles: A Mystery Solved

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I have some great news: Mystery Solved! I had short but tumultuous time trying to solve the mystery of the unknown drawings from when I was a kid. What were they? Who was responsible for them… why are they so cool?

As always, I got the answer with a little help from my friends and rediscovered Droodles! by legendary author/children’s book magnate Roger Price. Following is a super-quick summary of what I’ve been able to find out so far .. if you have any more information, get ahold of me.

Droodles was a series of books created in the fifties by Roger Price. The success of these books led to him creating his own publishing house, Roger, Price, Stern now owned by Penguin. The drawings are wonderfully simple and straight forward… there’s a quality to the drawings that is quintessentially 60’s and 70’s.

From a review on Amazon:

According to the author, a droodle is a simple drawing with a nonsense and humorous caption associated with it. Some examples are the clam with buck teeth, a hive of ants walking through spilled champagne, a man playing trombone in a telephone booth, the leaning tower of pizzas and a foul ball as seen by Roy Campanella. While many of the combinations of drawing and text are of the groaner variety, there are some that are very funny.

I have to admit that it’s true. When I got my book in the mail.. I took some time alone to relive the glory of my 7 year old self. And guess what? It all came flooding back. I love these drawings, and the humor behind them. I used to draw the simple shapes for my friends who didn’t have the books at home.

I’m off to draw some droodles. If you get inspired to do some original droodles, let me know.. I’ll upload them and share them with the rest of the Ursa Major Club.