The bear james story

Bear James is a creative group helping to make the world a better place for kids and families. Bear James projects include Thinga web for kids, fundraisers, community art, Boom Magazine, books, festivals, and events.


We believe creative minds flourish when exposed to the best the world has to offer. We believe technology should be embraced with balance and respect, and that shared-experiences tighten bonds between people. We know that exploring the outdoors is supremely important, and that one's ability to see and understand the stars is fundamental to our connection to the Earth. We believe in secret decoders, storytelling, and a world where magic is possible. We believe better education makes a better world so our goal is to help others explore creativity, science, and art in all it's forms. 

Independently awesome

The Bear James Company pledges to uphold environmental and social values. We are independent, and not affiliated with any specific group or organization, and are inclusive of all ethnicities, backgrounds, cultures, and families. Bear James  exists to promote the journey of childhood through projects for kids and families all over the world.