Map-Making at Blue Star Art

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“The _______ of Dead Mans’ Land”

Recently, I participated in a really great event down in San Antonio (very near the Alamo!) called the Blue Star Art Family Day. Blue Star was once a really cool gallery in a warehouse, but has grown to have several galleries, studios, restaurants and other various shops and venues.

Once a year, they get a whole bunch of sponsors together and make a fully free and accessible event that is ALL about discovering (and expressing) your creativity. They have bands, free food, and of course.. some awesome art making! Sculpture, colorful toast-art, and break-dancing were some of the other contributions.

For my part I paired up with artist and friend Brooke Gassiot to help make a bunch of treasure maps with everyone. Over the course of a couple of weeks, Brooke and I designed 2 foot x 4 foot printing press for the initial map layout. It was really great to watch as the kids got their hands dirty with the inks and working the press. We made island templates out of wood for people to trace including a great ‘skull island’ which was pretty popular. From there, the maps were painted and finished out with about 20 some custom-made stamp designs, drawn by yours truly and made by the SUPER-awesome guys at Capital Stamp.

We had some truly amazing maps come out of the process. We were all so busy that I was only able to snap a few pictures; I wish I could have gotten more, but these will give you the idea. Big thanks to Mike, Carrie, Corinne, Rory , Emily Barker and the volunteers at Blue Star, and of course the guys at Cap Stamp. We could NOT have done it without your help! Thank you!

Blue Star ArtCapital Stamp, Brooke Gassiot


Just look at that happy face!

This map is great. The water spells out the word “Jose” who is their dad who couldn’t make it to the event.

A good example of some of the stamps we had on hand. YARRRGH!